Do Solar Panels Make Noise?

Do Solar Panels Make Noise

Solar panel systems have been one of the most efficient renewable energy sources. The silent operation has been a great advantage of solar panels compared to many other energy-producing technologies. But what if your solar panel is not so silent at all? If you are wondering, do solar panels make noise, you’ve come to the right place!

Ideally, solar panels are designed to be quiet, but they can be noisy in certain situations. Noisy inverters, loose cables and racking, the presence of birds, and nearby tree branches can make your solar panel produce irritating noises. Sometimes, failure of any of the noise filters inside the solar panel can also create noise. Timely detection and proper steps can give you a solution to a noisy solar panel.

This article elaborately explains the reasons why a solar panel makes noises. It will also be useful if you are looking for a solution to the noises produced by your solar panel. You will learn about the various filters that a solar panel uses to filter out noise from its energy production process. So, keep reading!

Why Does A Solar Panel Make Noises?

The most common reason for a solar panel to make noise is the inverter. Most inverters make humming noises while converting the DC electricity to AC electricity. There are also many other reasons for a noisy solar panel. Here are some of the common causes:

The Humming of the Inverter

The main villain bringing a bad name to solar panels for being noisy is the inverter. You will also find some high-quality inverters on the market that can work silently. Depending on the quality, the inverter of your solar panel makes different noises. String-inverters make the highest level of noise. However, the maximum noise it creates is about 45 decibels.

If you have bought a microinverter, there should be no noise at all. So, contact the sales agent if you are experiencing noise in a microinverter. For other kinds of inverters, you can use a box to put around them. It will minimize the noise to some extent.

Loose Cables

There are multiple cables in a solar system. You use wires to get the electricity to your home from the solar panels. When the wind blows, these cables touch each other, and sometimes they get in contact with some other objects on their way to your home. It can make some monotonous noises.

You can fix the problem by binding the cables together at different points. If the noise is still there, get help from a technician.

Loosely Secured Racking

You will hear a rattling sound from the solar panel if the racking is not secured correctly. Moreover, even when you have tightened the racking well enough, it may become loose after a while. So, when you feel irritated with your solar panel because of the noises it makes, check if the racking is secured or not.

Unsettled racking makes the solar panel rattle in the wind. So, to see if the raking is secured well, you have to wait for the wind to come. It is also necessary to ensure that the solar panel is working well. Solar panels can get disconnected if the racking is not supporting them well enough.

The Wind

Sometimes your solar panel makes whistling sounds even if everything is okay. It is because of the wind. You will hear the noise more clearly at night when everything around you is quiet.

When the wind blows through a narrow passage, it makes a whistling sound. If your solar setup has any hollow spaces, the wind will pass through those spaces, making some sounds.

There should not be any problems with the energy production process of the solar panel. However, if you feel the noise is irritating, you can change the angle of the racking of the solar panel.

The Fans of the Inverter

Solar panels with higher power generation capacity sometimes need extra fans for the inverter. Otherwise, it gets hot and stops working. These fans can also make noise.

Despite the noise, it is sometimes necessary to use inverter fans. To avoid the noise, you can keep it in cool places to keep it cool without fans.


How To Make A Solar Panel Free From Noise?

You can make your solar panel noise-free by detecting the cause of the noise and eliminating it. First, you need to check the inverter since it is the most common cause of noisy solar panels.

Tightening The Installation

A solar panel is a combination of several plates and racks. All of the components get together with some screws. Any of these screws can get loosened at any time. When they are loose, the panels and the racks collide, and you hear irritating sounds.

Every couple of years, you should hire a solar panel technician to tighten all the screws on your solar panel. Tightening the solar panel system will reduce noise. The production of the solar panels will also remain smooth because of that.

Attaching Cushioning Rubbers

It is a full-proof solution to the whistles that the winds make while passing through the solar panel. All you need to do is attach some cushioning rubber panels in between the roof and the racks of the solar panel.

By doing so, you are blocking the wind from getting through your solar panel. As a result, the loose components of the solar panel will not get the chance to rattle with the winds. And the whistling sounds of the wind will also be reduced. However, you should fit the cushioning rubber while installing the solar panel. Or else, it will be a costly procedure.

Where to Put the Inverter?

Most of the inverters on the market will not work without making a little noise. So, keeping in mind the reality, you should carefully choose a suitable space for the inverter. For many, it is convenient to keep it in a place that is far from their ears.

The inverter of the solar panel can be stored in your garage or basement. You will hardly hear anything in your bedroom or living room if it makes noises in those places. If you put the inverter in a cool place, it may not require a fan to keep it cool. As you know, inverter fans are also a cause of the noise.

Use a Scarecrow

For the birds, solar panels are safe havens. They take refuge from the scorching sun under the panels. Many birds make nests under the panels to rest at night. It may sound harmless, but you will be surprised at how noisy birds can be on the rooftop.

Besides, birds tend to make the solar panels dirty and reduce their capacity to produce electricity. An easy solution is to place a scarecrow beside the solar panels. Scarecrows are still very effective in keeping birds away.

Trim Tree Branches

Apart from tightening the racking or maintaining the hanging cables, you should also see if any tree branches are too close to the solar panels. Tree branches can also make noise if they get rubbed against the solar panels with the help of the winds.

If your solar panel has tree branches near it, you should regularly trim them. It may save you from irritating noises. Besides, sudden hits by tree branches can damage solar panels during storms.


Different Filters To Reduce Solar Panel Noises

A solar panel itself is very silent while producing electricity. It has a set of filters inside it that allow it to work without making noise. Your solar panel will begin to make noise if any of its filters fail to work. So, next time you hear your solar panel making noises for nothing, you should consult a solar technician to check on the following filters of the solar system:

Thermal Filter: Solar panels have thermal filters to cut out the noise produced by the different power systems.

Photon Filter: When two lighting systems meet together, the difference in their power intensity creates noise. To avoid this, every solar panel has a photon filter in it.

Electron Filter: Likewise, when two different electrical power systems meet, they create noise. To avoid this noise, solar panels have an electron filter.

The Noise of Scattering Filter: When two types of fluid power systems face each other, they create noise. To avoid such noises, every solar panel has a scattering noise filter.

The Noise of Lightning Filter: This filter is necessary for a solar panel to filter noises when two types of firepower systems meet together.

The Noise of Elasticity Filter: If two types of power systems collide, there will be some noise. Solar panels use elasticity filters to filter out this noise.


Bottom Line

In this article, I have tried to answer the question- do solar panels make noise? I hope you will succeed in saving yourself from the irritating noises of your solar panel by following the suggestions in this article.

If you are not sure where the noise is coming from, immediately call a technician. Because noises can be an indication of a faulty solar panel!

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