Solar-Reserve.com is a blog about the potential for solar energy to change how we generate and consume energy.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to advance the adoption of solar-generated electricity for every building on Earth.

How are we going to do this? By continuously educating, advancing, and participating in the burgeoning renewable energy technology industry valued at over 4 billion dollars.

The Solar-Reserve.com blog is here to provide solar energy news, information, and tips to anyone interested in learning more about solar energy.  Here you will find solar power articles, information on government incentives related to solar energy, and related equipment to help you harness the sun’s energy.

Solar-Reserve was founded in 2007 with the belief that the solar experience can be much more enjoyable and fulfilling. We aim to create great products, share good information, and create a solar-filled community.

In 2008 we delivered our first book Solar Power Your Home For Dummies. In 2010 we launched our blog which has focused on the latest solar news and energy efficiency topics. In 2012 we introduced SolarNotes Reader for a better eReading experience of our blog and newsletters.


The Authors

John and Dan are a father and son team of renewable energy experts who have been writing about solar energy since 2007.

John is the author of dozens of articles about solar energy that have appeared in online newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites, as well as several books on photovoltaic systems and battery storage.

Dan has taken his interest in alternative energy to the next level by using it to power his home

We also have other contributors in the form of a small group of passionate experts in the solar power field. They are busy professionals and are hoping to use the power of the web to provide up-to-date information on the latest advancements in photovoltaic applications – from installations, through production, to storage and applications.