121 Catchy Solar Energy Slogans and Taglines

Solar Energy Slogans and Taglines

Solar energy is gaining momentum around the globe. Environmental issues, rising oil prices, and an increasing number of consumers willing to pay for green products are pushing solar energy to new heights. But how do you make your solar panel installation sound good in a tagline? You borrow a page from the advertising playbook and enlist a little help from some Solar Energy Slogans.

This article brings you plenty of catchy, short, and funny solar energy slogans that will help you create your own solar energy slogan or just get inspired.


Solar Energy Slogans

Energy is essential for all natural and human activities. Here, I’ll share examples of solar energy slogans that are really inspirational and probably the best in the business world.

When rallying for support for an issue or cause, it can be good to have a slogan that’s catchy and memorable. In marketing circles, there are advertising slogans that become so memorable over time they become synonymous with the brand name. Below are some solar energy slogans…

  • Solar energy—clean, abundant, and ready for you
  • Generate, Conserve, Contribute
  • Solar energy is here to stay
  • The energy that never goes out of style
  • Helping the sun do more of your dirty work
  • Harnessing the sun to power our lives, not get burned
  • It’s time to do something good for your wallet and the Earth
  • The solar energy source is good for the home, the grid, and your wallet
  • See how your home, paired with solar power, can impact the environment and benefit your savings
  • Solar energy is good for our planet, our health, and the economy
  • Earth-friendly energy 24/7, without ever hurting the planet
  • Are you ready for the clean energy revolution?
  • Be the Change, Solar powers the way forward
  • If we were all solar-powered, we wouldn’t have to worry about leaving the lights on
  • Let us bask in your solar energy glory
  • Feel the Power of the Sun
  • Let the sun work for you. Simply switch your home or business to solar and start saving!
  • Solar energy is free forever
  • Ready, Set, Solar
  • We use solar power. Because it is renewable, clean, and cool
  • A solar revolution is coming
  • Solar energy isn’t just clean, it’s sunny!
  • Energy not pollution: Let the sun shine on your energy needs
  • Most energy comes from the sun and it’s time to take advantage
  • We want to power our homes with clean, renewable solar energy ― not dirty fossil fuels that pollute our air and water
  • The sun is always shining and the wind is always blowing. Harnessing nature’s power is the energy that lasts
  • Stop compromising the future of our children and the environment. Go solar today!
  • The sun will never set on solar energy
  • Sunlight in your pocket
  • Go solar. It’s clean, simple, and smart
  • The sun is free, why not use it?
  • Cover the Earth with solar panels
  • For the planet, for your wallet, for you
  • Greener, cleaner, better
  • Solar power, a bright idea
  • Hello Sun, your view is my power source 🌞
  • Powering the way to a brighter tomorrow
  • Turn your roof into a power plant
  • Solar power is cool because it’s accessible to everyone
  • The sun isn’t just out there for the plants—use clean, renewable solar power to light up your life
  • More than a feeling—it’s 100% renewable energy!
  • The sun’s out, time to put that energy to work
  • The Sun is an energy source that will never disappoint you
  • Solar power ain’t just for hippies anymore
  • The path to cleaner energy is a sunny one. ✨
  • Small steps can lead to a clean energy future 👣
  • ​When the sun shines this summer, we’ll be shining right along with it
  • The cool thing about clean energy? The more you use, the more you save
  • Clean, plentiful, and affordable energy is what we’re all looking for ☀
  • Go solar for a green Earth, clean energy, and lower energy bills
  • Solar Power—Making the Earth greener, one solar panel at a time
  • We’ve all got one thing in common- that’s the sun. Show it some love and use renewable energy for your home or business
  • Solar can be a smart way to cut your monthly bills and make a big impact on the environment
  • Why solar energy? Because it’s a force for good
  • There’s something magical about the solar energy on a crisp fall day
  • Spread the warmth of solar power to your loved ones this holiday season
  • Going solar is better for the environment, our communities, and your wallet
  • The future is bright, the future is renewable, the future is now
  • Think renewable, think clean, energy from the sun that goes directly into your homes
  • A single source of light that follows you everywhere you go
  • Sun power: a limitless resource, free for the taking
  • Switch to solar and save money while fighting climate change
  • It’s official! Solar energy is now cheaper than electricity 🔋
  • Join the clean energy movement and become a Clean Energy Citizen! Go solar
  • Switchin’ on the sunshine. 🌞
  • Solar energy is for powering everything, everywhere
  • 💡 Be it grid-tied or off-grid, connect with the power of the sun ⚡️
  • Sunshine is free, but Solar Energy is priceless
  • Solar energy is clean, renewable, and virtually limitless
  • The sun is the solution
  • Yesterday’s sunlight is today’s electricity
  • Sunlight to power, no fossil fuels
  • Reducing your carbon footprint, one watt at a time
  • Go solar, the earth will thank you for it
  • The future is Solar Powered
  • Opting for solar energy is a true act of love towards planet earth
  • Do your bit for the planet
  • Good for your pocket, good for your planet


Solar Company Taglines

In recent years, more and more groups have begun to see the opportunity in solar energy. If you think you can do something about solar energy, you’re right to get into it. This is an exciting field, and you should go into it without knowing a few things.

In terms of promoting solar energy, there are going to be a lot of people who don’t know the first thing about it – which means you need to reach the right people. This is how we can help you move forward with your goals.

What follows are several creative taglines for solar energy that will help you get started with your own solar installation business.

  • Harvesting the sun’s energy
  • Solar energy is an investment that pays for itself ❤
  • Power the planet…or just power your piece of it
  • Unleash the power of the sun today with a solar panel installation
  • Now is the best time to go solar!
  • Go solar today with the nation’s #1 installer of residential solar panels
  • Empower people to create change with Solar Power, one of the most sustainable energy solutions
  • Helping you go Solar is what we’re here for
  • You don’t have to sacrifice the environment for energy
  • Helping the world go solar
  • Our Mission: To deliver clean, affordable, solar energy to every home
  • Inspired by the sun
  • Save money, live better
  • Discover a new world of clean energy
  • Recharge your home, recharge the Earth
  • Free power for your home
  • Get a little sunshine in your life
  • Put the power in your hand
  • Go green, save green, and make money!
  • A new way to power your life
  • Powering your life, with the power of the sun
  • With the right equipment, solar energy is endless–thank you, Sun! ☀️
  • You’re guaranteed to fall in love with the sun
  • We’re here to help make your world a sunnier place
  • Be bold, be progressive, be of the future
  • A warm introduction to a company bringing the sun’s power to consumers across America
  • The future of energy is in renewables, and the future starts now
  • Sunlight is a gift from the sun. Our panel of solar glass helps you capture this gift, and share it with your home
  • Helping neighborhoods go solar, starting with a sun-kissed part of California. 🌞
  • Making people rethink their electric bill (in a good way) with these cool solar installations 🌞
  • It’s your future. Live it in solar energy
  • Turn your home into a power plant
  • Solar makes sense
  • Imagine a day when the sun is the only energy source we need
  • Solar energy is hot
  • Sun power, solar today, solar tomorrow
  • Do the environment a favor and turn it on with solar energy
  • Enjoy the power of the sun this summer with a solar panel installation
  • Use sunshine to power your camping adventures
  • Cheers to the free, sustainable, renewable energy that powers us all at any time, anywhere
  • Behind every Watt, there’s an infinity of possibility for what’s next
  • We’re here to create the world’s clean energy appetite
  • Your one-stop-shop for solar products


Conclusion: Solar Energy Slogans and Taglines

These were some of the best slogans and taglines on solar energy. This article was compiled by our team at Solar-Reserve with all possible efforts to come up with unique and most interesting solar energy slogans. Were you able to select any slogan ideas for your company? Do let us know.

Thanks for reading till the end. If you have any suggestions for better solar energy slogans, don’t forget to share them with us.