250+ Solar Company Names Ideas

Solar Company Names

Deciding a company’s name, especially for a serious business that provides solar energy solutions, can be quite challenging. You have to be super careful, think about the emotions you want to evoke and use a name that conveys some meaning.

Most of the founders at solar companies I know say deciding their company names are more challenging than coming up with an idea for a product, service or company vision.

To help you, we have compiled a list of 250+ solar company names that you can use for your new business! Happy reading!

Best Solar Company Names

The following list includes the 25 best names for a solar company. They are fun, cute, quirky, unique, and attractive as well!

Take a look:

1. Solar Solutions

2. Sol Life

3. Solar Sweat

4. SunGo

5. Sun Bust Solutions

6. Sunrayz Energies

7. Solar Ventures

8. Solartown

9. Energy Plus

10. Tristar Solar

11. The Solar Giant

12. Yellow Crest Energy

13. Unisolar

14. Solar Max

15. Sunrise Energies

16. Quik Solar Solutions

17. The Solar Planet

18. Solar Lite

19. Synergy Solar Solutions

20. The Solar Scheme

21. Sunblast Solar

22. The Solar Gurus

23. Burning Bright

24. SunSci Solutions

25. The Bright Star

SunSci Solutions is our favorite from this list!
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Cute Solar Company Names

Who says a solar PV company can’t have a cute name like AmpVantage? Let your cuteness shine through these 25 adorable names for your solar business:

26. SolaCharge

27. Zunsy Solar

28. Sunbred Solar

29. SolarAngel

30. The Sun Savers

31. AmpVantage

32. Sunny Utopia

33. Mornly Solar

34. Happy Sun Solutions

35. Solar Pillar

36. Solivia

37. The Third Fuse

38. Solar Flow

39. Sunlight Terrace

40. Xunny Solutions

41. Solaxy Energies

42. The Sol Tower

43. Solsto Solutions

44. Solavax Power

45. Suncura Energies

46. Solar Energific

47. Sun Solarium

48. Only Sunny Solutions

49. Sundazo Solar Power

50. Bright Blink Solar


Funny Solar Company Names

Sometimes, the best brands attract most customers by adding fun to their names, taglines, and marketing campaigns.

An element of joy supported by laughter will surely put you into the consideration list of your target audience.

Here’s a list of 25 funny names for your solar enterprise:

51. The Panel Guys

52. Solsense Solar

53. The Hot Plates

54. Stark Spark

55. Terra Light

56. The Sun’s Eye

57. Sun Vibe Solar

58. Suntree Solar Solutions

59. Stick It Solar

60. Supra Max Solar

61. Grey Flash Solar

62. Solar Epitome

63. The Solar Well

64. Ample Energy

65. The Solar Volt

66. Sun Arc Solar

67. Wellray Solar

68. Skytecc

69. Electro Solar Systems

70. Sun Shine & Co.

71. Skylax Energies

72. The Uptown Energy Club

73. CappacCity Solar

74. Startex Solar Solutions

75. Next-Gen Solar Solutions

Ample Energy is our personal favorite!


Good Solar Company Names

A simple and sweet name like Sunplay Solar is the best way to avoid things from getting too complicated.

Here is a list of 25 good solar company names for your new renewable energy startup:

76. Core Flex Solar

77. Solar Pulse Co.

78. Right Smart Solar

79. North Corner Solar

80. Sunplay Solar

81. Signix Solar Co.

82. Solar Vaders

83. Luminix Solar

84. The Illuminated Sun

85. Sun Bro & Co.

86. West Way Solar

87. South Cube Solar

88. Uberno Energies

89. Inferno Energies

90. Essential Solar Solutions

91. Solar Oynx

92. Sunkey Solar

93. SunSphere Solar

94. The Sun Mills

95. Radiant Energies

96. Direct Solar

97. Signity Solar Co.

98. Aeronex Solar Solutions

99. Natural Light Solutions

100. Majestic Ray


Creative Solar Company Names

Are you a creative individual? Why not use some of your creativity to assign a suitable name to your solar company?

Here is a list of 25 creative solar company names that we bet no one else has thought of before:

101. The Outside Energy

102. The Solar Burst

103. DynaSol Solutions

104. Bask In Solar

105. The Powered Place

106. Skyla Solar

107. Solar 4 All

108. The Sun Solstice

109. Solarmore Solutions

110. The Solar Park

111. Solis Solar Systems

112. Mysteva Solar

113. May Lights

114. Mega Sphere Solar

115. The Little Ray Company

116. Sun Influx

117. The Solar Peak

118. Sol Boil Solar

119. Burst of Solar

120. Flickered Solutions

121. Bold Sun & Co.

122. Sun’s Out! Solar

123. See The Light

124. Solar News

125. The Solar Glare

The Sun Solstice is our favorite.


Unique Solar Company Names

The best way to position yourself amongst the competition is to find an edge and use it to your advantage.

How can you stand out amongst competitors?

By being unique!

There are many ways in which you can make your business stand out but before you start thinking about providing unique products and services.

Choose a suitable unique name for your company from the list below:

126. Solista Suns & Co.

127. Sunwave Solutions

128. Break Out Solar

129. Soled Out!

130. The Solar Post

131. Super Nova Solar

132. Porta Shine Solar

133. Realm of Power

134. Ampere & There

135. The Power Porch

136. The Solar Spectrum

137. SolaPota Solutions

138. The Sunkeeper’s Den

139. Sun Settings

140. Sunny-Side Up

141. Sunplugged Solar

142. The Shiny Business

143. Beyond Solar

144. Sunny Horizons

145. Stallion Solar Power

146. Supreme Solar Solutions

147. The Solar King

148. The Solar Queen

149. Target Energy

150. The Solar Axis

Our top, unique pick, you ask? Super Nova Solar


Catchy Solar Company Names

What’s popular due to its repeated utterance? A catchphrase! Just like a catchphrase, a catchy company name that gets repeated will stick into the minds of your customers.

Following are 25 catchy names for your solar business:

151. Solar Scholars

152. The Sunny School

153. Light Assured

154. Light It Up!

155. Sun Lite Solar

156. Kindle Energy

157. High Bar Solar

158. HelioSol Power Solutions

159. Solar Findings

160. Lumen Solar Solutions

161. The Photon Guys

162. Electrify Solar

163. The Sun Catchers

164. The Sky Power Company

165. Solar Sweat

166. Solarogram

167. Solar Strength

168. Electro Icon

169. SunTech Solutions

170. From The Sun

171. Solwave Solar

172. Sun Drops Solar

173. The Solar Valley

174. Sun Alpha

175. The Sun Champion


Snappy Solar Company Names

Want your solar business to sound like a lively and vigorous product and service provider? Give it a snappy name!

Snappy names don’t just sound good to the ear but also make customers chuckle.

Here are a few ideas to make your customers smile as they pass by your store:

176. Sundo Solar

177. The Sun Esteem

178. Sun Sage

179. The Solar Gang

180. Saint Solar & Co.

181. Capital Solar Systems

182. Solarlux Solutions

183. Sun Push Solar

184. The Bright Club

185. Rising Star Solar

186. The Radiant Star

187. Sun Mass Solar

188. A2Z Solar

189. EverEnergy Systems

190. The Solar Merchants

191. Watts Up!

192. The Solar Pros

193. Sunny Ventures

194. The Sun Spread

195. Sole Solar Systems

196. The Solar Pinnacle

197. Vital Sun Solar

198. On The Grid

199. Solar Hearts

200. The Light Leaders

The Bright Club is our personal favorite!


Attractive Solar Company Names

There may be many solar companies serving your target market in the same region.

How do you ensure that your company stands out? You select an attractive name for your company!

The name is the first thing that customers notice and can make or break their decisions about opting for your services.

Here are some attractive solar company names for your business:

201. Gamma Tech Solar

202. SolarBolt Power Systems

203. The Go Sun! Group

204. Golden Power Solutions

205. The Mega Sphere

206. Sunny Gateways

207. Solar Excellence

208. Enron Solar

209. Blue Sky Solar

210. Power Petters

211. The Power House

212. Sun’s Home!

213. Sunny Affairs

214. Solar Dash Solutions

215. The Solar Opera

216. Ascension Solar

217. Hexagon Solar

218. Viva La Solar

219. The Power Cube

220. Sun Volt & Co.

221. Oynx Solar

222. The Solar Hut

223. Solared! Power Solutions

224. The Sunny Business

225. SciTech Solar

We are pretty fixated on Sun’s Home!


{YOUR NAME} Solar Company Names

The best way to add a bit of your personality to your business is to include your name in its name.

Your solar energy company can include your first name, middle name, or even your family name, especially if it’s a family business.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate your name into your solar company’s name:

226. {Your Name}’s Solar Company

227. {Your Name}’s Solar Solutions

228. {Your Name} Solar Power

229. {Your Name}’s Sunny Systems

230. {Your Name} Brothers & Co.

231. {Your Name}’s Power House

232. {Your Name}’s Energy Solutions

233. {Your Name}’s Solar Systems

234. {Your Name}’s Energy Company

235. {Your Name}’s Solar Co.

236. {Your Name}’s Solarability

237. {Your Name}’s Energies

238. {Your Name}’s Solar Hut

239. {Your Name}’s Solar Cube

240. {Your Name}’s Hot Panels

241. {Your Name}’s Volts & Co.

242. {Your Name}’s Luminations

243. {Your Name}’s Sun Palace

244. {Your Name}’s Clean Camp

245. {Your Name}’s Power Corp.

246. {Your Name}’s Solar Corp.

247. {Your Name}’s Energy Corp.

248. {Your Name}’s Sunny Business

249. {Your Name}’s Sun Systems

250. {Your Name}’s Electric Co.

251. {Your Name}’s Clean Energy


Tips for Deciding the Ideal Name for Your Solar Company

  • Avoid including words that are hard to spell.
  • Go for short, memorable and meaningful words for your brand.
  • Getting feedback on the name from friends and family before you assign it to your company.
  • Check for copyright conflicts or trademarks.
  • Carry out a short survey amongst your audience to understand their perceptions.
  • Don’t include words that will limit your company’s growth in the future.


Conclusion: Solar Company Names

This brings us to the conclusion of our list of 250+ solar company names ideas. We hope you get inspired by our ideas.

However, do not forget to add a personal touch to the name of your solar company. A unique, fun, and catchy name will attract customers for a long time.