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Storing the sun's energy for clean power, any time. SolarReserve's technology leverages molten salt as both the energy collection and the storage mechanism. The result is on-demand, reliable electricity from a renewable source -the sun- even after dark. What are the advantages?

Clean power on demand, 24 hours a day

By storing the sun's energy, SolarReserve's technology allows for clean power generation on-demand, whenever it is needed -- day or night.

100% clean

SolarReserve's energy generation is 100 percent renewable and 100 percent clean with zero harmful emissions or toxic waste.

Eliminates fossil fuel volatility

A SolarReserve power plant requires no fossil fuels, so energy generation is not subject to the volatility of fossil fuel markets.

intermittency issues

SolarReserve's energy storage technology solves the intermittency issue that limits other sources of renewable energy such as wind and solar from photovoltaics.

No dependency on limited resources

SolarReserve fuel source is the sun, and our fuel supply is endless. Power generation is not dependent on limited supplies of natural resources such as coal, natural gas or oil.

246 megawatts (MW) of generation capacity completed construction and fully operational
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